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We have been exporting plants to markets all over the world since our inception and we consider the export market very important for our growth. With few exceptions, our suppliers (the specialist propagators) are not interested in shipping plants outside the continental United States. Many of them look to us for marketing their plants internationally.

To realize our potential in the young plant export market in the Caribbean and Latin America we have partnered with A Customers Brokerage, a Foreign Freight Forwarder in Miami. A Customs Brokerage helps us provide better service for our Caribbean and Latin American customers. They receive shipments from domestic suppliers and consolidate them under one phytosanitary certificate and one airway bill for a single customer, if at all possible.

Young plants received by A Customs Brokeage, receive the best care possible before being delivered to the airlines for shipment to our customers. While most material moves in and out of the warehouse the same day, there can be delays in which the plants need to be stored under optimum conditions and provided care to ensure their survival in transit. They provide those conditions and care.

A Customs Brokerage is located just 10 minutes from Miami International Airport and most of the airlines serving the Caribbean and South America. We work very closely with the airlines reserving space and checking back with them to make sure orders are being shipped as expected. We also work with them to solve any problems that come up and work in the customer's best interest to resolve these problems.

All of the export documents are completed when we know exactly what is being shipped. This is the most efficient and accurate way to handle the documentation. After the agricultural inspection is made and export documents are prepared, the consolidated shipment is transported to the airline and on its way to the customer.