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Bill Moore & Co., Inc. is a young plant broker servicing the wholesale nursery trade. As a broker of young plant material produced by specialist propagators, we are constantly trying to improve our line of starter plants for our customers. We routinely review our supplier's performance and make changes as necessary. We'll add a new supplier only when it represents an improvement to our line; and, we'll delete a supplier when their quality and service no longer meets our standards.

When an order is placed with us with no supplier designated, we will ship the order from a supplier that will give the best value for our customer. We will also ensure that the order is shipped properly and all of the documents are in order. If there are special plant quarantine requirements, we make sure they are met and that appropriate paperwork comes with the shipment. We'll route the shipment and follow up with the carrier to make sure your shipment arrives timely. If there are problems resulting from mishandling during transit, we will assist in the preparation of claims and we will also quickly resolve any disputes over plant quality.

One of our most important services is to find and bring new plants, horticulturally sound and commercially viable, to the market. Primarily this is done through current suppliers who have ongoing breeding programs to produce new and improved plant material. We also are constantly searching for plants completely new to the market or for new uses for old plants. We are able to work through our network of suppliers, breeders, universities and old industry friends to find plants that may be rare but are available commercially. For example, we first offered Curcuma rhizomes from Thailand to our customers over 25 years ago and our Curcuma business still continues to grow.

Good communication abilities are crucial to doing business. We have a great group of knowledgeable sales people in the field and a team of dedicated professionals in the office using the most modern equipment and technology available today. This web site is an example of our reacting to the need for rapid communications. Our "Site Specials" page has offers for material that needs to be moved quickly. This is a good opportunity to purchase young plant material with special pricing or difficult to find material that becomes available. The Availabilities page is also a great source to get last minute material. Our "Availabilities" page will change daily so be sure to check it regularly.

For customers providing good credit references, including horticultural trade references, we gladly open credit accounts. We are able to receive wire transfers. We also cheerfully accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. A downloadable credit application is available under "Order Information".