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P.O Box 1587
Brandon FL 33509
Phone: (813)689-6706 or (800)237-7794
Fax: (813)684-5856
E-mail: jillian@billmooreco.com
Supplier #1048
Box Size
Box Charges $2/bx $.54 per insert
Minimums 1 box
FOB Apopka, FL
Total no of Plant(s) : 174
Image Botanical Name Common Name Class/Size Price
Alocasia Polly 2 inch 90/bx Alocasia 3.125
Aloe Vera 3in 50/cs Vera Aloe 1.250
Aralia Snowflake 2 inch 90/bx Aralia 1.563
Asparagus Fern 2 inch 90/bx Asparagus Fern 1.125
Begonia Mix 2 inch 90/bx Mix Begonias 3.438
Birds Nest Fern 2 inch 90/bx Ferns 1.125
Bonsai Procumbens nana 4in 15/cs Procumbes nana Bonsai 4.063
Cactus Assorted 2 inch 90/bx Assorted Cactus 1.313
Cactus Life Saver 2 inch 90/bx Life Saver Cactus 2.500
Calathea Zebrina 4in 15/cs Zebrina Calathea 5.000
Callisia Pink Panther 2 inch 90/bx Pink Panther Callisia 2.813
Carnivorous Assorted 2in 90/bx Assorted Carnivorous 3.438
Carnivorous Venus Fly Lg 2in 90/bx Venus Flytrap Carnivorous 4.063
Chlorophytum Spider 2 inch 90/bx Spider Plant 1.250
Cissus Quadrangularis 2 inch 90/bx Quadrangularis Cissus 2.500
Coffee 2 inch 90/bx Coffee 1.250
Crassula Buddhas Temple 1in 120/bx Crassula 1.250
Crassula Crosby Jade 2 inch 90/bx Crosby Jade Crassula 1.125
Crassula m Tenelli 2 inch 90/bx Crassula 1.000
Croton Assorted 2in 90/cs Croton 1.563
Cryptanthus 3inch 50/bx Cryptanthus 2.188
Delosperma Pickle Plant 2in 90/cs Delosperma 2.813
Dieffenbachia compacta 2in 90/cs Dieffenbachia 1.563
Dischidia Oiantha 2in 90/cs Dischidia 3.750
Dracaena Janet Craig 2in 90/cs Dracaena 1.875
Dracaena sanderiana 2in 90/cs Dracaena 1.875
Echeveria Affinis 2in 90/cs Echeveria 1.000
Echeveria Agavoides 2in 90/cs Echeveria 1.438
Echeveria Agavoides Red 2in 90/cs Echeveria 1.438
Echeveria Amistar 2in 90/cs Echeveria 1.000