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P.O Box 1587
Brandon FL 33509
Phone: (813)689-6706 or (800)237-7794
Fax: (813)684-5856
E-mail: jillian@billmooreco.com
Supplier #1075
Box Size
Box Charges Included
Pack Refer to price list
PHYTO State $80; Fed up to $175
Minimums 1 box
FOB Apopka, FL
Total no of Plant(s) : 82
Image Botanical Name Common Name Class/Size Price
Agave Assortment 4in 30/cs Assorted Agave 3.875
Agave Assortment 6in 12/cs Assorted Agave 9.125
Agave Assortment 8in 6/cs Assorted Agave 19.125
Aloe Assortment 3inch 50/cs Assorted Aloe 1.688
Aloe Assortment 4in 30/cs Assorted Aloe 2.938
Aloe Assortment 6in 12/cs Assorted Aloe 6.625
Aloe Vera 4in w/ dcrtv sleeve 30/cs Aloe Vera w/ decorative sleeve 2.938
Aloe Vera 6in 12/cs Vera Aloe 6.625
Botanical Name Tag EACH Botanical Name Tag 0.163
Bskt Stng of Prl Burro Lmb 6in 12/cs Basket 6in 11.813
Bskt Succulent Assortment 6in 10/cs Basket 6in 9.000
Cactus Assortment 2inch 90/CS Assorted Cactus 1.313
Cactus Assortment 3in 50/cs Assorted Cactus 1.875
Cactus Assortment 4in 30/cs Assorted Cactus 3.250
Cactus Assortment 6in 12/cs Assorted Cactus 10.250
Cactus Assortment 8in 6/CS Assorted Cactus 22.250
Cactus Garden Clay Bowl 4in 20/cs Clay Bowl Cactus Garden 10.750
Cactus Garden Clay Bowl 6in 9/cs Clay Bowl Cactus Garden 17.625
Cactus Golden Barrel 10in 4/cs Golden Barrel Cactus 55.250
Cactus Golden Barrel 13in 1/cs Golden Barrel Cactus 131.250
Cactus Golden Barrel 6in 12/cs Golden Barrel Cactus 10.500
Cactus Golden Barrel 8in 6/cs Golden Barrel Cactus 36.000
Cactus Pencil 10in 4/cs Pencil Cactus 32.750
Cactus Pencil 12in 2/cs Pencil Cactus 82.500
Cactus Pencil 14in 1/cs Pencil Cactus 112.500
Cactus Pencil 4in 30/cs Pencil Cactus 4.688
Cactus Pencil 6in 12/cs Pencil Cactus 10.250
Cactus Pencil 8in 6/cs Pencil Cactus 22.250
Cactus Succulent Assortment6in 12/cs Assortment Cactus Succulents 9.000
Cereus peruvianus 10in 4/cs peruvianus Cereus 41.500