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P.O Box 1587
Brandon FL 33509
Phone: (813)689-6706 or (800)237-7794
Fax: (813)684-5856
E-mail: jillian@billmooreco.com
Supplier #1093
Box Size 22x12x12
Box Charges $7/box
Pack 150/cs (Can mix/match)
PHYTO $20 Florida/ $156 Intl
Minimums 1 box; $215
FOB Hawaii
Total no of Plant(s) : 22
Image Botanical Name Common Name Class/Size Price
Aechmea lud. Mend URC 150/cs lud. Mend Aechmea 3.094
Alcantarea odorata 4in 4 IN odorata Alcantarea 7.875
Cordy Hawaiian Green 3in URC 400/BX Hawaiian Green Cordyline 1.000
Cordy Singapore Twist 3in URC 400/BX Cordyline Singapore Twist 1.000
Cordy Singapore Twist Tips 100/bx Cordyline Singapore Twist 1.125
Guzmania Candy Cane URC 150/cs Candy Cane Guzmania 1.688
Neoregelia Candy Apple URC 150/cs Candy Apple Neoregelia 2.813
Neoregelia Cosmos URC 150/cs Cosmos Neoregelia 2.813
Neoregelia Fire Ball URC 150/cs Fire Ball Neoregelia 1.688
Neoregelia Kohala Dawn URC 150/cs Kohala Dawn Neoregelia 1.969
Neoregelia Martin URC 150/cs Martin Neoregelia 2.813
Neoregelia Osser URC 150/cs Osser Neoregelia 1.969
Neoregelia p. Rubra URC 150/cs punctissima Rubra Neoregelia 1.688
Neoregelia Pink Magic URC 150/cs Pink Magic Neoregelia 2.813
Neoregelia punctissima URC 150/cs punctissima Neoregelia 1.688
Neoregelia Raphael URC 150/cs Raphael Neoregelia 1.969
Neoregelia Sheba URC 150/cs Sheba Neoregelia 1.688
Neoregelia Shocking Pink URC 150/cs Shocking Pink Neoregelia 2.531
Tillandsia Funkiana Lrg URC 150/cs Funkiana Tillandsia 7.144
Tillandsia Funkiana Med URC 150/cs Funkiana Tillandsia 4.444
Tillandsia Gardneri Large URC 150/cs Gardneri Tillandsia 7.144
Tillandsia Gardneri Med URC 150/cs Gardneri Tillandsia 4.444