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P.O Box 1587
Brandon FL 33509
Phone: (813)689-6706 or (800)237-7794
Fax: (813)684-5856
E-mail: jillian@billmooreco.com
Supplier #399
Box Size
Box Charges None
Pack Varies by plant
Minimums 1 box
FOB Miami, FL
Total no of Plant(s) : 55
Image Botanical Name Common Name Class/Size Price
Aspidistra Singapore sling BR 100/cs Singapore Sling ASspidistra 0.508
Costus w. French Kiss 200/cs French Kiss Costus 0.653
Crinum a. Baby Burgundy 200/cs Crinum lily 0.725
Curcuma a. Blushing Star 400/cs alis. Curcuma 0.653
Curcuma a. Changrai Snow 400/cs alis. Changmai Snow Curcuma 0.609
Curcuma a. Chiangmai Pink 400/cs alis. Chiangmai Pink 0.653
Curcuma a. Lanna Snow 400/cs alis. Curcuma 0.725
Curcuma a. Maejo Jasmine 400/cs Maejo Jasmine Curcuma 0.653
Curcuma a. Maejo New Pink 400/cs Tall alismatifolia hybrid 0.653
Curcuma a. Maejo New White 400/cs alis. Maejo New White Curcuma 0.653
Curcuma a. Maejo Snow 400/cs Maejo Snow Curcuma 0.725
Curcuma h. Emerald Chocozebra 350/CS Emerald Chocozebra Curcuma 0.725
Curcuma h. MJ Red Torch 400/cs auramtiaca x cordata hybrid 0.870
Curcuma hyb. Ladderwan 400/cs Hyb. Ladderwan Curcuma 0.725
Curcuma Maetang #1 400/cs Maetang #1 Curcuma 0.653
Curcuma Maetang Sunrise 350/cs Maetang Sunrise Curcuma 0.653
Curcuma roscoeana Orange 500/cs roscoeana Orange Curcuma 0.725
Curcuma s Cherry Princess Daen 400/cs spar. Cherry Princess Daen 0.653
Curcuma s. Cherry Princess 400/cs Cherry Princess Curcuma 0.653
Dianella caerulea variegata 250/cs Dianella caerulea variegata 0.508
Dianella tasmanica variegata 200/cs tasmanica variegata Dianella 1.088
Etlingera elatior Pink BR 30/cs Pink Torch Ginger 3.770
Etlingera elatior Red BR 30/cs Red Torch Ginger 3.770
Etlingera elatior White BR 30/cs White Torch Ginger 5.075
Euphorbia m Assorted Shades 250/cs Assorted Euphorbia milii 1.233
Euphorbia m Pink Shades 250/cs Pink Crown of Thorns 1.233
Euphorbia m. Red Shades 250/cs Red Crown of Thorns 1.233
Euphorbia m. White Shades 250/cs White Crown of Thorns 1.233
Euphorbia m. Yellow Shades 250/cs Yellow Crown of Thorns 1.233
Euphorbia Orange Shades 250/cs Orange Shades Euphorbia 1.233