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P.O Box 1587
Brandon FL 33509
Phone: (813)689-6706 or (800)237-7794
Fax: (813)684-5856
E-mail: jillian@billmooreco.com
Supplier #925
Box Size 21x12x21 URC
Box Charges $27
Pack Varies
Minimums 1 box; $17.65 HAN
FOB Bonsall, CA
Total no of Plant(s) : 311
Image Botanical Name Common Name Class/Size Price
Acorus g. Variegated 72 72 CP Sweet Flag 0.990
Acorus g. Variegated BR 500var Sweet Flag 0.500
Acorus g. White Striped 72 72 CP Sweet Flag 0.990
Acorus g. White Striped BR 500var Sweet Flag 0.450
Aeonium u Side Salad RC 50 CP SideSalad Aeonium 1.100
Aeonium u Side Salad UR 300var SideSalad Aeonium 0.500
Aeonium Cabernet Fluffy UR 300var Cabernet Fluffy Aeonium 0.500
Aeonium h Jolly Green 50 50 CP Aeonium 0.950
Aeonium h Jolly Green UR 300var Aeonium 0.500
Aeonium h Pinwheel RC 50 CP Pinwheel Aeonium 0.650
Aeonium h Pinwheel UR 300var Pinwheel Aeonium 0.450
Aeonium hyb Kiwi 50 50 CP Kiwi Aeonium 0.950
Aeonium hyb Kiwi UR 300var Kiwi Aeonium 0.450
Aeonium hyb Zwartkop RC 50 CP Zwartkop Aeonium 1.100
Aeonium hyb Zwartkop UR 300var Zwartkop Aeonium 0.600
Aeonium Mini Tri Color 50 50 CP Mini Tri Color Aeonium 0.750
Aeonium Mini Tri Color UR 300var Mini Tri Color Aeonium 0.450
Aeonium Tip Top RC 50 CP Tip Top Aeonium 0.850
Aeonium Tip Top UR 300var Tip Top Aeonium 0.450
Aloe Blue Elf Aloe 50 50 CP Blue Elf Aloe 1.350
Aloe Blue Elf Aloe UR 300var Blue Elf Aloe 0.850
Aloe gastrolea Midlight UR 300var Midlight Aloe 0.550
Aloe hy Pink Blush 50 50 CP Pink Blush Aloe 1.950
Aloe hy Pink Blush Regular UR 300var Pink Blush Aloe 0.750
Aloe ju. Tiger Tooth 50 50 CP Tiger Tooth Aloe 0.850
Aloe ju. Tiger Tooth UR 300var Tiger Tooth Aloe 0.400
Alopecurus Golden Meadow 72 72 CP Golden Meadow Foxtail Grass 0.990
Alopecurus Golden Meadow BR 500var Golden Meadow Foxtail Grass 0.400
Bouteloa gracilis 72 72 CP Gracilis Bouteloua 0.890
Bouteloa gracilis BR 500var Gracilis Bouteloua 0.400